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We tie in your brand, your business and your website into one neat and tidy social media marketing package that packs a punch. Experts in every platform and always ahead of technology, we can do what others can’t; saving you time and money.


We are Wordpress experts that will help you design (or redesign) your website from the ground up, automating many tedious aspects of your online presence and helping you work smarter instead of harder.


We offer personalized coaching plans suitable for every type of business and every type of budget. Our social media coaching is designed to keep you engaged and consistently moving forward in growing your business.


Your business is your brand, and it’s important that you know how to use the brand of you most effectively. We are branding experts that help business owners develop and strategize around the brand of you.

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About Us

Because. Your Current Marketing Plan Sucks. Let us show you how to make it NOT suck.
We are masters in helping you create and curate the unique story of your brand.

Valkeryie Consulting is known for blogging and social media prowess, and what we do for us? We also do for YOU. We have programs and services (and training) that fits every budget. Starting at FREE. (Yes, we said free, because we are cool like that.)Our CEO is the ONLY San Antonio marketing expert to be featured on the front pages of major websites like: Ehow And Thousands of others The ONLY San Antonio marketing expert to have her work showcased, she is also the ONLY San Antonio marketing expert offering free training, affordable solutions and much, much more.But hey, she's not just about San Antonio, she's also GLOBAL. How do you like THEM apples?Everything from branding to marketing to strategies to coaching and consulting. We are LITERALLY your one stop shop for everything you need. Literally. Seriously. Oh and you know what else? Valkeryie Consulting one of the VERY few GLOBAL firms that can actually teach you and HELP you make passive income from your marketing. How much? Well, how does $1,000 a month sound...for starters?

  • Creative Branding

    We are the only San Antonio firm to be featured in major national publications and the only local firm qualified to teach you how to make passive income from your site. Our ultra-creative team brings only the best of the best in business building strategies, website design, consultation, coaching and training to the table.


    We are Wordpress design and customization experts. We build custom sites from scratch, know the plug ins you need, run administration and can even build you a kick ass e-commerce platform.


    Complete business plans, branding, blog coaching, professional development and social media coaching. We customize solutions for clients based on their unique needs, guiding them through the process to ensure optimum results. Valkeryie provides engaged clients ongoing support for you and for your business, because your success is our success.

  • Training

    We are the ONLY San Antonio marketing firm that serves up DIY training ranging from FREE to $44 to $250 per month. The only one. Did I say the ONLY one?

Wanna Know How to Monetize Your Website?


We have 3 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.

Social Media

Basic Plan


  • Dedicated Social Expert
  • 30 Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Social Analytics
  • Reputation Monitor
  • Branded Content
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Social Media



  • Dedicated Social Expert
  • 60 Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Social Analytics
  • Reputation Monitor
  • Branded Content
  • Review Alerts
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Social Media



  • Dedicated Social Expert
  • Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Social Analytics
  • Reputation Monitor
  • Branded Content
  • Review Alerts
  • Social Deals
  • Social Ordering
  • Email Integration
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Website Development

Starting at


  • Professional Wordpress Site
  • Free 1 hour consultation
  • Premium Wordpress Theme
  • SEO Configured Plugin
  • Optimized for desktop and mobile
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Our Completely Kick Ass Team

Because. Valkeryie is the ONLY company poised to take YOU to Valhalla.
Nationally syndicated columnist, trainer and nationally recognized as a social media marketing expert with over 20 years of sales and technical experience, Shauna’s extremely creative, forward thinking strategies and blogging expertise make Valkeryie Consulting what it is. Awesome.
Jon brings over 25 years of technical and programming expertise to the table, a stellar sense of humor and extreme website design and program management knowledge. Jon is the reason things get done on time while exceeding client expectations.


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