Dear Realtors: Only Read This if You Want to Stop Sucking at Social Media

I see it all the time, real estate agents fumbling, bumbling and following lead generation advice that is so out of date that the 1980’s called. It wants it’s brick phone back. Agents get frustrated, frazzled and (most) ultimately quit, because real estate is one cruel mistress in the lead generation department – well, for[…]

Facebook Marketing Excellence

How to Hack Facebook Ad Campaigns and Replicate The Best Ads in 60 Seconds…Or Less

In this video, we show you how to use Adsviser 2.0 to search, find and replicate the best practices for every single ad on Facebook. This tool shows you where to put ads for best placement, what targeting to use for best results and even how much ad spend you should expect to get the[…]

Install Divi

How to Install the Divi Theme and Plug in for WordPress

This module walks you through how to install the Divi drag and drop theme and plug in into your established WordPress website and begin configuring it for this exercise. Tools REQUIRED for this module: Theme: Divi – Build Anything Visually. Divi is powered by the Divi Builder, an insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front end[…]


How to Install WordPress on Blue Host in Less than 5 Minutes

This module walks you through how to set up WordPress on your host, and how to build out a site using a subdomain test server to be easily transferred later to your main domain – never build a site live! Tools REQUIRED for this module: Host: Blue Host ( – This is the provider WE[…]

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Free YouTube Training On Our Social Made Simple Dashboard

If a picture paints a thousand words how many does a video paint? Time is so incredibly precious to people. We are in control of it and we hate when it’s wasted, so why bore your fans and followers with long text updates? Video significantly increases engagement and sharing on Social Media, in fact they[…]

Facebook Marketing

[Video] How to Dramatically Increase Your Facebook Likes…Organically

In this video, Shauna Zamarripa of Valkeryie goes over a quick tip (in 60 seconds) on how you can amass a ton of new organic likes to your Facebook page, using a strategy almost no one is teaching! Check out the video and leave us a comment below and dont’ forget to click the link[…]


Site Monetization: Infolinks Step-By-Step Or “How to Make Money in Your Underwear While Eating Cheetos”

One thing I have learned over the years is how to monetize a site several different ways, and today I want to share with you how to monetize your website using a service called “Infolinks“. This service works similarly to Google Adsense, but it a viable alternative if Google Adsense isn’t working for you —[…]

Landing Page

[Video] 9 Completely Kick Ass Marketing Tools That Will Save You Time and Money (And How to Use Them)

In this video, we talk about some of the best free (and low cost) marketing tools we have found, and how to use them. If you are interested in getting more information on any of the tools mentioned in this video, simply follow the links…. RescueTime  To Do Ist Copromote Upviral Get Response Social Made[…]

Working Valkeryie

4 Incredibly Important Secrets Your Website Visitors Are Keeping From You

In a technology-driven age, it has become essential for local businesses to create a presence online. A website allows you to bolster your current advertising campaigns, take control of your brand image online and build long-term relationships with your clients. But, there are 4 incredibly important secrets your website visitors are keeping from you…and if[…]

Fail Fast

FREE ONLINE TRAINING REVEALS: “How To Generate a $100,000 Per Year Income Online (…even If You Have ZERO Experience!)”

Generally, I surround myself with people (yes, even online) who are on the same mental track as I am. Richard? He’s one of those people. I’m so excited to be able to have him produce this training for all of you! He’s got a ton of great information and experience that I know you will[…]

are you leveraged?

FREE TRAINING: 5 Critical Pillars For Your Online Business Success …And Finally Eliminate the Overwhelm and Confusion of Marketing Online

Yes, it’s me again….with more free training. This one, however, is so wildly appropriate for most of you that I would ask you to make this one a priority. Why? Because I get so many emails, blog comments and direct messages from you all talking about how you are overwhelmed, stuck, fearful and paralyzed on[…]

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