How to create Killer Facebook Ads that make you money!


We hear it everyday “Facebook Ads don’t work” or I am
not interested in Facebook Ads. “I spent a good amount of
money on an Ad and nothing happened, so I killed the ad”
Why do you think this happens?
People don’t know what they don’t know, they don’t understand
how Facebook Ads Work.

Why are FB Ads necessary?

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine how organic
posts perform as well as paid posts. The algorithm is
forever changing right now only 2% of organic traffic
sees any given post. You can game the algorithm to get
8 to 10% using facebook live and get further results with
shares and post engagement, but if at best 10% of your
audience sees your post then you need to think about
running ads. If you have 1000 followers and just run basic
posts that means only 20 people will ever see your information.
Do you think that is a good ratio? I don’t!

How a Facebook AD works!

We have studied and looked at many ads and we have found
that the longer an ad runs the better engagement you will
get as well as your CPC cost per click will get much cheaper.
We recommend running an ad for at least 7 days to get the best
result. Now we don’t condone turning on an add and letting it run
for 7 days and losing money, we will discuss strategies to help avoid
losing money on any FB Ad. Before we get into specifics lets look at
10 steps to setting up an Ad.

10 Steps to Setup Your Facebook Ad Campaign

The recent addition of Facebook ads has given business owners another CPC option for their advertising. The difference is this a much more affordable option than say Google ads. Now’s a good time to walk you through the 10 steps to setup your Facebook ad campaign.

#1 Create Your Ad – After you log into your Facebook account, look at
the top right of your browser and you’ll see the ‘Create an Ad’ green
button. Click it and you’re ready to start.

#2 Choose What to Advertise – You have many options. You can
promote applications, URLs, domains, place, events. Etc. For example,
maybe you want to drive traffic to your landing page or maybe you want
to get more ‘likes’ for your Facebook page.

#3 Set Your Ad Up – You will need to write a short copy and then confirm
the URL. Your ad preview sill display (right side) so you can see what
your ad will look like live. Some types of ads don’t require ad copy.

#4 Target Your Geographic Area – Choose the geographic region you
want your ad to run in. Pay attention the box that says ‘within ’10, 25,
50 miles of your region. Choose the appropriate one for your target market.

#5 Target by Age & Gender – Choose the age and gender you want to
see your ad. Make sure to uncheck the box on the right, otherwise Facebook
takes the liberty of showing your ad to a similar target market but not what you defined.

#6 Target the Precise Interests of Your Ad – Target users based on their
ethical background, interests, status, hobbies, etc. Define the exact interests.
If the specific interest you want to target in your ad is not shown within the
broad target, you can type in the keyword that’s most relevant and Facebook
will show you the closest options. Or you can use broad categories. It’s amazing
just how much control you have.

#7 Target Your Ad Based on Connection – While you are able to target by age,
geography, interests, etc. Facebook also offers ad targeting that is based on
your connections. For example, you can target people that are connected to
your business page/specific app. You can even target their friends.

#8 Setup Your Pricing and Objective – This is a little trickier. If you aren’t
careful when you set this up, instead of charging you on the CPC (Cost Per Click)
Facebook will charge your campaign on CPM pricing, which is the cost per 1000 times
your ad displays. If you like CPM and that’s what you want that’s great, but too many
people are surprised to discover their budget has disappeared and they have only a
handful of clicks, because they didn’t understand what they chose.

#9 Review Your Ad – Before you take your ad live, check everything over and
make sure it’s exactly what you want.

#10 Launch Your Ad – You did it. Your Facebook ad is ready to launch. Click
the blue button ‘Place Order,’ and your ad will go live. Now you need to keep
watching your Facebook ad so that your budget is being used well and remember
you can tweak along the way.

Nothing works or I don’t have time to watch over my Ad

This can happen, but if you only spend a few dollars per AD
you are not out a ton of money. So what can you do, well you
can hire a professional. We study ADs, we look up audience
insights an have spent the time learning how to run an ad correctly.
The entire reason you run an AD is to make money and have
return on investment (ROI). What if a professional can get you
$4000 dollars in profit and charges you $800, that is a pretty
darn good ROI.  If you did this 10 times successfully would you be happy?
I know I would!


The next step is understanding your audience this is key for a successful AD.

Know your audience. Sounds simple but most people don’t understand who their audience is. How can you run a successful ad if all you are doing is throwing money into an ad and hoping it works. You need to know who you demographic is, who has bought or engaged with you to retarget your audience. If you are  running brand new ads you can still run target interests related to whatever product or service you offer. Here is an example.
Your online product is coffee so you have to target interests and products used by coffee drinkers:

As you can see I have selected demographics within the 24-65+ range, who like coffee and identify themselves as coffee lovers and like the brand Starbucks. This is just a sample and not meant to be a complete targeting example. The audience is still to broad and you can add such things as income demograhics, change the age range and behavioral aspects such as active credit card user and online shopper to further target your audience. Creating the right audience is essential for a successful ad, you can just say everyone in the US and turn something on.Once you have run an add for some time you can get customer data you can create target look-alike audiences where Facebook will automatically target users based on sales and our people who have engaged with your posts or website. This is a very powerful aspect that most people who run Ads don’t even know exists.

Why You Should Split Test Your Facebook Ads

One of the key things any advertiser using Facebook ads must do is make sure that their ads are running the best they can. Far too often advertisers launch a Facebook ad campaign, pay little attention and then are shocked, disappointed, even angry when they see they spend $200 and the results were minimal. Instantly Facebook is blamed, but the reality is that you create your ads, you define the targeted audience that will see those ads, and it is up to you to make sure your ads are providing the results you want. This is why you should split test your Facebook ads every time! Top notch marketers know that performance is the result of testing-testing-testing.

Let’s pretend you are going to run an ad. You need to include an image on that ad to attract the attention of the viewer. How will you know which image will draw the highest targeted click through rate. You’ll determine this with split testing. Always only change on a component of your ad at a time so that you can track and compare accurately. First, you might change your image, then you might change something in the wording of your text, or you might change colors. Whatever you are doing always only make a single change at a time.

There are actually a limited number of things you can change, but here are the four main groups that you should always test your ads against.

1. Ad Image – Take time to test various images to find the image that performs best. Sometimes it’s about the image itself. Sometimes it’s about the colors. Sometimes it’s about the size. You get the idea. For example, you might find that females respond better to images that are pink or that contain a lot of pink.

2. Ad Copy – What is your message saying? Change the copy wording. Change what you are asking for. For example, asking the viewer to click ‘like’ works pretty well.

3. Interest Groups – You target your interest groups when you create your ads. These are the people that are likely to be more passionate about what it is you have to offer. It’s expensive to target those people that aren’t your interest group. So make sure you spend some time with trial and error here.

4. Demographics – Among your interest groups are the demographics of that group. Try splitting your group further into age, gender, etc. and then try your ads. The better you do this the better your ads should perform.

Split test your Facebook ads to make sure you get the most from your Facebook ad campaign.

Best strategy for FB Ads Split Testing

Here is where the magic happens. When setting up an Ad many
people set up the Ad and forget it, hoping that throwing money into
that great big Facebook Ocean will yield results. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
Split testing is an easy way to check the viability of any Ad. What this
means is creating a few versions of your Ad and testing it with different
copy or demographics. If you do not have a proven Ad that works this is
a must. For a very small dollar amount you can find the best performing Ad.
I know one FB Ad expert that creates up to 10 versions of the same ad
to see what performs and you can do this for a very small dollar amount.

How much should I spend on my Split Test Ads?
With any new unproven Ad I would recommend spending no
more than 5 to 10 dollars per day and you can always up the
ad spend later. Say you have the bottom 2 split test ads running

AD 1
Cost                Clicks              CPC
$10.00                20                    .50

AD 2
Cost               Clicks               CPC
$10.00                 2                  $5.00

Now which Ad do you think you will keep running? Was it worth
the $10.00 to find out AD 1 is a real winner? As you get better with
ADs it may only cost you a few bucks before you turn off the
losers and run with the winners. Even with split testing
you should ALWAYS watch and update an Ad that stops
performing. I will admit there is an art to doing this and if it
was super simple everyone would be successful with their Ads


There aren’t many things that you can learn
in 5 minutes that will both save you a fortune
and make you a fortune… but this is one of
those rare occasions…. so please read this all the way through.

I see it everyday…

…People trying to promote their businesses and
products on Facebook and they lose a ton of
money because they don’t understand one
simple way that Facebook Ads work.

Here it is:
“The More Mature a Good Facebook Ad is, The Less You Pay”

Every single day I hear from someone that tells
me that they are getting a good click through
rate on their ad, and they are getting good
results on their landing pages and sales
pages… but the ad is just too expensive to keep running.

This kind of thinking has cost people millions
of dollars and it shows a fundamental
misunderstanding of how Facebook Ads Work.

So… Let me Give You a Simple Strategy that is
going to change your “Facebook Ad Game” Forever.

How the Facebook Ad Algorithm Works

Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

The more engagement your ad gets, the cheaper Facebook will make your ad over time, even if you’re being outbid for the same audience by other people.

Let me explain…

Check Out This First Scenario:

  • We have a $25 Product for sale.
  • We setup a new Facebook Ad and send our target audience to the sales page.
  • On day 1 we decide to spend $100 per day.
  • That first day it costs us 65 cents per click.
  • We get a click through rate of 3% (not too shabby on Facebook)
  • We spend all $100 and get… 154 clicks (because it cost the .65 per click)
  • We make 1 stinking sale and are $75 in the hole.

This is what kills most people because they lose too much money early on in an ad campaign and they panic and kill the ad and start a new one from scratch.

Let’s Make a Few Tiny Changes to the above and watch what happens:

  • We Still have our $25 Product for Sale.
  • We setup that same ad from above.
  • On Day 1 we only spend $20.
  • That first day still costs us 65 cents per click.
  • We get a click through rate of 3%.
  • We Spend all $20 and get 31 clicks (because of .65 per click)
  • We make 0 sales and are $20 in the hole.

You may say that this is still bad because we are in the hole, but this is where the magic starts to happen.

The Power of “Engagement” on FB Ads

Get More Likes Shares

Because we had a strong clickthrough rate and
got engagement with our ad, Facebook will
start  to reward us and take our cost per click down.

So… Each day, your cost per click goes down
and you start getting more clicks every day
for that same $20.

On many occasions we’ve had an ad that
started at .65 per click down to .15 per
click because it was a good ad.

So… after 5 days, we’ve gotten way more clicks,
nailed down sales, and we now have an ad that
is running at a much cheaper per click rate and….

We’ve spent the same $100 to get there.
(we just gamed the ad algorithm so that our
ad spend went way farther).

Now… think about what happens when we continue to let this ad run over time.

The Secret to Profitable Facebook Ads is This:

  1. Start with a Low Daily Budget and Let your ad mature.
  2. Split test your ads!
  3. An ad that gets good clicks, even at a low daily budget, gets cheaper fast.
  4. Only ramp up your ad spend when you have achieved that cheaper clickthrough.
  5. Only ramp up your ad spend when your ad is making sales at that cheaper clickthrough.
  6. Be okay with not making money the first few days an ad is live. It will start to make money once your ad matures (as long as sales are coming through).
So… With that said.
How do you create an ad that is almost guaranteed to get good engagement so that your ad cost goes down quickly?


The 7 Things that Matter in Creating an Ad that gets Engagement.

1) The Ad Image

Facebook Ad Images Best Practices

Most people mess this up because they don’t understand the simple psychological principles that you should use to pick ad images. There are a ton of things that you can do to make your ad image stand out on Facebook, but I thought I’d give you a ad image rules that work for us every time.

Use Ad Images that:

  • Have Eyes Looking Back at your Audience.
  • Have Colors that Contrast to FB but don’t seem to try (no big gaudy red arrows).
  • Tell a Story without an Words.
  • Congruent with the Ad Copy that you will include.
  • Have something a bit off about them (notice the image above where my people have no noses… and that giant hand)

2) The Brand Image

Make your Page Image (the one where you’re running your ad from) look like a personal profile picture instead of a brand… seriously.

How to Get more Clicks on My Facebook Ad

Most people don’t even think about this, but the “brand image” is something that people check without even realizing it (and it can make or break your ad).

When your ad catches someone attention on Facebook they are going to do a quick “bullshit” test. This involves them quickly checking to see if the post is coming from a friend or a company that is trying to sell them something. By making your brand image look like a person (you can use your marketing director’s beautiful face) you have effectively made your ad more digestible for the average person. This subtle but powerful trick is enough to get someone to put more stock into whatever is actually in your ad because it looks like a friend shared it (we all have Facebook Friends who we can’t remember adding.).

3) The Ad Post Text

Almost everyone overdoes this and it cost them the click (and totally screws up the ad maturing process)
Facebook Ad Tricks
A Normal person rarely writes a book in their post when they share something. They simply share it and make a small comment about it. We want to mimic that by keeping the text short and sweet.

4) The Ad Headline

How to Write a Facebook Ad Headline
There is a simple headline formula that I stumbled onto a little while back that helps me absolutely skyrocket clicks to our optin and sales pages.

The secret behind it is to make your ad headline seem like its leading to a real life case study (no one wants hypotheticals).

In the ad above, we could have easily said “5 Hires that will take your company to 7 Figures”. If we had done that, it wouldn’t have seemed real. Instead we used the headline above to show that the ad leads to a real life case study that worked for a real business.

5) The Comments/Likes/Shares

If you understand this, you’ll have people commenting on and sharing your ads with their friends. This is overlooked by 99% of FB Advertisers but completely changes everything once you “get it”.

How to Get more Likes Comments and Shares

So what is the secret to getting more comments, likes, and shares on your ad (so that FB is sent a signal to the ads importance and rewards you with cheaper clicks)?

Number 1: Don’t ask for them in your ad (this is bad)

Number 2: Create Ads that People will share and comment on because they fit into their “narrative of themselves”.

For example:
In the ad above, someone who is a recruiter or a head hunter might share this because it helps them show their peers that they are smart and share great things. People share things on Facebook as a way to say “I’m right and this backs it up” or to show their friends that they are hip, cool, or smart. If your ad can play into that, you’ll get a ton of engagement.

To Sum it All Up

You get more clicks for less money as the ad gets older and seen by more people.

Would you Like a Full Walkthrough of this in Action using an Actual Ad that we Use in Our Business (as well as how we do our ad targeting for every client and campaign)?


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