How to Install WordPress on Blue Host in Less than 5 Minutes

This module walks you through how to set up WordPress on your host, and how to build out a site using a subdomain test server to be easily transferred later to your main domain – never build a site live!
Tools REQUIRED for this module:

Host: Blue Host ( – This is the provider WE use and put most of our sites on. Their offerings and customer support are INCREDIBLE. We got $150 in Adsense and Bing credits when we signed up and tons of free tools that enhance the user experience of our site. Plus, they offer a FREE domain with a new account. Perfect for start-ups.

Browser: Chrome

Investment required to complete this module: At least one year of hosting at $3.95 per month ($47.40)

This module shows you the precise steps to take (after opening up a Blue Host Account) to set up WordPress appropriately. Our video shows you the easy, few clicks it takes to set up WordPress on this platform, in just a few minutes.


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