Getting Started on Social media

Five Steps To Get A Business Started On Social Media

Are you or a business you’re working with just getting started with leveraging the power of social media? If you’re trying to figure out the best course of action for an effective launch and sustained success, read on for five tips to get your social presence up and running: 1) Identify Your Goals, Voice, and[…]

Affiliate Superstar

The Social Media Marketing Beginner’s Guide

When you’re a small business on a budget, social media marketing is just plain SMART. After all, how else can you reach thousands of customers, leads, and prospects all over the world without spending a penny on advertising? The thing is, though, if you’re NEW to social media marketing, it can seem pretty intimidating. It[…]

Facebook Marketing

The Ultimate Traffic Generation Monster for Facebook

The Ultimate Traffic Generation Monster for Facebook Recently, Valkeryie Consulting decided to put up a series of webinars. This? We tackled Facebook marketing as the first in our series, and this webinar has already been wildly successful. How successful? Well, we had over 160 attendees for the first session. But we also want to make[…]