Want a marketing idea that you might not have thought about?

Right now everyone is touting the prowess of Facebook ads. Well, of course
they are….

I mean, Facebook ads WORK.

However, they only really WORK if you put about $500 toward each individual

Ideally, you should be spending AT LEAST $1,000 a month on your Facebook
ads to see the best investment.

That said, because Facebook knows the power of their platform, these
ads can get…well….expensive.

Which got me to thinking…

What about underutilized advertising platforms?

No, I’m not talking about Google Adwords — which is also good,
but also can get a touch pricey.

I’m talking about sites like Yelp or Reddit.

Heck, I ran an experiment on a sub-reddit and it did VERY well.

Which got me to thinking even more!

There are sites out there that incentivize buyers to get your product,
get a discount and even sign up for your subscriptions.

You are LITERALLY leveraging millions of subscribers with a VERY
high email open rate, for HALF the cost of Groupon and a fraction
of the cost of Facebook ads…with traffic that WANTS to click
through to your site.

Granted, after that, it’s the functionality of your site that captures
them….but that’s another topic for another day.

Want an example?

Home Chef recently ran a promotion on this platform and it performed
exceedingly well. And yours can too…with minimal help from anyone else!

Sign up for a FREE account here:


Test this platform out as a CONSUMER first — you know how I love to use the phrase
“reverse engineering”.

Then? If you see value in it, simply log into your account, and visit the “Advertisers”
section in the menu. Fill out your info and get a customized recommendation
on how to set up your first successful incentive campaign using a platform
that no one has exploited yet (besides big companies).

Get there FIRST, that’s what I always say, and this is a great way
to get your offer, your promotion, your site and your clicks up without
having to lose your shirt in the process.

And, of course, if you’re interested in getting some additional ideas, simply reply
to this email and I will set up a consultation with you — if you are a current client —
or a discovery call, if you are a new client.

Give this a go, try it out and let us know if this works for you! Why? Because
we tend to give some very special secret incentives to folks who help us out
with case studies.