How to Create Stunning Whiteboard Videos in 10 Minutes

No doubt you’ve seen them already. You know what I mean, those cool whiteboard drawing videos that are all the rage these days. They are simple, fast, fun and informative, this is why they are so popular. On the downside, they can be expensive. Video editing of any sort (honestly) is going to cost you a pretty penny — okay, a LOT of pretty pennies. I searched and I looked and I simply couldn’t find an affordable, good looking solution for my clients, customers and business owners. Then? I found something that actually worked for me, and I want to show YOU how you can create your very own whiteboard videos in (literally) minutes, without any technology prowess or expertise needed. Hand to Jesus.

Not sure what a whiteboard video is?

Well, here’s an example of a whiteboard video animation that I did personally in a grand total of 10 minutes, without a lick of training or know-how.

Cool right?

But…how did I do it? 

I found a kick ass and take names piece of software called Video FXwhich empowered me with whiteboard video creation awesomeness. Yes, I mean that. I have used this product for over a year now and I still love it.

Wanna see it in action? Because it’s seriously cool. 

Take it for a test drive courtesy of this short video demo.

Yes, it IS THAT easy

I can already hear you now, “Well, that’s great and all, Shauna, but how do I use whiteboard videos for my business? I got you covered there too here are 10 easy, fool-proof ways to use the videos you create in Video FX:

  1. Do a whiteboard video commercial about one or two products or services you offer — include those links though (yes, I know I harp on that, but so many people forget this vital step).
  2. Do a video introduction that leads into a webcam video or even pre-recorded webinar (it looks a lot more professional than PowerPoint — and takes a lot less time)
  3. Create commercials for your business that you can put on blogs (like I did here), on YouTube, on Vimeo, on your Facebook business page.
  4. Share those links of things you put up using social media and add them to your email.
  5. Use them for your landing pages, lead magnets and sales funnels.
  6. Create awesome videos that you can sell to clients (cha-ching!) — I have.
  7. Use them for product promos and pre-launches (I have done that too).
  8. Turn them into Affiliate Review Videos. Make a video promoting a product or service you promote and then put that up on YouTube, Vimeo and on your Facebook page. Make sure to include a call to action though — a lot of folks forget that. Add links to your products, services, site and social media accounts to each video for the best results.
  9. Amazon Product Review Videos. In my blog, How to Monetize One Blog in 15 Ways, and even in my other blog, How to Make Money From Your Blog, I give you the links to become an Amazon affiliate. I mean, why wouldn’t you? They are one of the biggest merchandisers on the planet! Use Video FX to do Amazon product reviews and put your affiliate link in there. (Cha-ching! — Again.)
  10. Create videos from your blogs or text articles. Put those on YouTube, Vimeo and your Facebook page. Again, don’t forget those calls to action! This cuts down on your burden of constantly creating new content, by repackaging what you have into a format that appeals to a different audience.

See? I am all about monetizing your marketing and showing you different ways you can use one product. In fact, after I bought this software, I earned a 200% ROI on DAY 1, from my very first published whiteboard video. So my investment (of then, $97) netted me $200 in just a few hours, so it had already paid for itself. But, since then, the fellas over at Video FX have slashed the price to a very easily affordable $47 investment.

I Want to Get You Thinking a Little

You could use this for your own business, or even launch a video production business (and a successful one) via a website, social media or elsewhere by crafting cool, professional grade videos in a few minutes. You can “get there first” when it comes to doing a video a day on a series, or even promoting products or services you love (in exchange for a commission, of course) using the affiliate networks I talk about in other blogs or even direct from Amazon. Like me, you can even turn a $47 into $200 in a matter of hours. There is literally no reason you can’t.

And, even if you hate it or can’t figure it out, that’s okay too, because they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

This is a great commitment to make to your current business, or a great way to start a new one.

To visit the page and find out more (or to buy the product — which you should), click here or on the picture below.

Happy whiteboard video making!

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