5 Steps to Craft Your Twitter Content Strategy

What to Tweet, what to Tweet? If you’re new to Twitter and are struggling to figure out how to create compelling content in 140 characters or less, read on! The key to attracting new Twitter followers and keeping them engaged is not in how many times you Tweet each day, but rather in quality and consistency of your messaging. Always make sure your Twitter messaging is on the mark of what your target audience wants and is true to what your business does and who you are.

Follow these 5 core principals for a successful approach to your Twitter strategy:

1) Keep it short
Yes, 140 characters may already force Twitter users to keep their Tweets short, but the idea here is to keep your Tweets focused. Instead of trying to cram multiple ideas into one Tweet, keep each one focused on one idea. If you have more to say, include a link to your blog, website, or other location where the user can obtain more information.

2) Include visuals
There’s an idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Just imagine what including photos, animated GIF’s and video will say about your tweets. Research shows that people are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain photos and videos.* You can attach up to four pictures in one Tweet.

3) Leverage relevant hashtags
Hashtags, or the ‘#’ symbol that appears before a word in a Tweet instantly helps you expand your reach. At their core, hashtags are a means of organizing and identifying messages on a specific topic. Get found more easily and consider incorporating hashtags intelligently with some of these examples:

Join a trending topic – Example: Great game last night! #WorldSeries2017
Add context – Example: What a view! #EmpireState
Show humor or emotion – Example: Just started a new social media business! #Excited
Don’t use trending hashtags that have no relevance to you.

4) Engage through questions & polls
Bring your current and potential Twitter audience into the conversation by creating openings for them to interact with you. Tweeting open-ended questions or leveraging Twitter polls will not only prompt more engagement, but you’ll also better understand people’s opinions.

5) Repeat, retweet, and reply
If you have a timeless Tweet ready to go, consider setting it up to repeat every week or month to quickly fill your content calendar. Retweeting and replying other users’ Tweets is another quick way to have regular engagement on Twitter and may put you on the radar of the user whom you’re retweeting or replying to. Just remember that Retweets may be considered an endorsement of that content and to be sure you are staying true to the brand your building for you and your business.

WorldSeries2017 EmpireState Excited