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Is Running Your Business on Referrals Hurting More Than Helping You?

Are you relying on referrals for 100 percent of your business right now?

Have you tossed and turned at night wondering if you were going to get
any new clients this month?

Are you feeling stressed out, tired and overwhelmed because you don’t have a scalable lead system?

I know this was a big problem in our business when we started out. And
while word of mouth is great, and generally always leads to good clients,
it’s simply not scalable, or really even measurable.

…Even if you have an incentive program, like we do.

There is no steady influx of leads, and when there are leads,
they seem to happen all at once and this can get really, REALLY overwhelming.

What most people do who rely only on referrals is end up in a cold sweat
quite often and when they do get a massive flow of clients, it can be
too much to handle, which loses business and hurts the relationship you
have with the potential new client, as well as the client that sent you
the referral in the first place.

Ouch, right?

What if I told you that there was a better way?

Right now, Facebook ads are hot. And in order to get a steady stream of
good, exclusive leads, you will need to invest $500 to $1,000 in advertising
dollars to get there.

That’s the good news (because now you know how much you need to spend).

The bad news is that most people also think they can do this themselves and
oftentimes find that running a Facebook ad campaign correctly ends up costing
them a bunch more money. This leads to blowing through your capital and your reserves
and then throwing your hands up in the air in frustration…ultimately giving up on Facebook
ads altogether.

In fact, I can’t count on two hands and two feet how many wonderful folks we know
who have experienced this problem.

If this sounds like you…we can help.

With thousands of hours and dozens of highly successful Facebook ad campaigns to
date, we can manage your ads for you…so that you can get back to the business of RUNNING
your business…instead of losing sleep over your marketing.

Here’s what you do. Click the link below to set up a quick call with us so we can find out
more about the unique needs and wants of your business so that we can create a
scalable, reliable Facebook ads campaign for you, to help you get 100 – 200 new,
exclusive leads each month!

Here is the link:

We look forward to helping you!


P.S. If you are already at a point where you have blasted through cash only to have
ad after ad campaign fall flat, the best way to get back on your business feet
is having a professional ads manager. Set up a time to speak with us so we can talk more about what
we can do for you!

Here’s the link one more time:


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