How to Elimiate the Constant Burden of Content Creation

Marketing experts just about everywhere agree that you need to spend 80% of your time CREATING new content.



True to you….

True to your brand…

And that’s a LOT of content creation!

And yes, I see you making that face right now. That oh-my-God-I-have-no-clue-how-to-do-that-face…
That’s the reason I’m writing this right now…

Here are a few tricks we use when creating new content (and repurposing that content) accross several channels….
We live in an age where we consume nearly three times as much content as we create. Not only does this lead to massive distractions and not getting things done, it leads to a severe state of overwhelm — and no one likes that. Make it a DAILY habit to create 4 – 5 pieces of content each day BEFORE consuming any other content. Own your own genius. After you reach that daily goal? Then…feel free to consume away! (By the way I am not bashing continuing education, I think it’s vital, it just needs to be in moderation).

Aside: What is content? Well, it’s really 18 different things:
-Microblogs (status updates)
-Photos & quotes
-Pre-recorded Video
-Branded photos
-Live video -Emails
-Newsletters -Audio (Podcasts & Soundcloud)
-Downloadable guides
-Offers -Websites
-Landing pages
-Sales pages
-Squeeze pages

Of course, it’s also vital to have a healthy mix of these several things…but that is another topic for another day….

Start with blogs, email campaign series (DRIP CAMPAIGNS) or website information. Why? Because the long stuff can be easily repurposed into video, slides, status updates, bits and pieces on photos, guides, landing pages, tripwires and funnels. Plus, if you start with the longer stuff, it’s a lot easier to break that down into bite sized chunks, creating that healthy mix of content I mentioned earlier.

For instance, if you have a great long form blog, make that into a downloadable pdf file and then create a landing page around it (for lead capture). After that shoot a video that speaks to that blog. After that, do a live video using that blog as a reference point. After that, make that blog into a series of emails. Talk about that blog on your podcast. Take quotes from that blog and put them into images that are branded to you….

The list goes on and on, the point is to get started!

For most people the biggest barrier is the simple fact that they HATE creating content, because it’s time consuming. So is printing flyers, letters, emails and making phone calls…all of which are proving to be less and less effective as time goes on. Video, websites and social media, however, market for you 24/7 365 days a year, and much of it can be re-used and INSTANTLY measured — unlike the less than 1% return on investment you get with brochures and mail outs…(hint, hint).

Now, if all of this is making you make the same face you were making in the beginning (and I wager that it is), know that we can help you with all of this, so you can maximize your time, while still getting the benefit of the best content out there!

Contact us to find out how.

Until next time!


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