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Are you using LinkedIn for Leads?

Organic Facebook marketing is pretty much dead. Fan pages are struggling
and without taking out ads, your marketing is pretty much dead in the water
on that platform — even on your personal page, because the algorithm is
really a tricky thing to figure out….

But just think, who else could you reach if you did the same on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the biggest B2B (business to business) social media site in the
world. If you sell to businesses – it’s perfect, but remember that all
business people are consumers TOO.

You could extend your reach and gain more customers. Your dashboard is
perfect for helping with this.

All you need to do to get LinkedIn connected is, provided you’re already
logged into it, to click “Add More Accounts” on the home page of your

For any help in writing and marketing content for LinkedIn, head over to
your “Social Training” page. Click your name in the top right of your
dashboard, and click on “Social Training”.

To log in, go to and enter your details,
and you’ll land on our dashboard.

And if you don’t have a dashboard account just yet, don’t worry, it’s FREE!




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